December 17, 2021

I'm Back

Posted on December 17, 2021  (Last modified on January 8, 2022 )
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Throughout the years I’ve been a bit of a procrastinator. Well, if I’m honest, I have to admit that I’m more than a bit of a procrastinator: I’m a big procrastinator. I also tend toward starting a lot of projects that I can’t seem to finish. Before I finish a project, I often find something else that catches my interest and start off on something new.

These are a couple of the traits of someone with ADHD, as I found out after my youngest son was diagnosed with it. In going through the questionnaires and process of having him diagnosed, I sure saw a lot of those traits in myself. I saw so many ADHD traits in fact that it seemed like they could have based the questionnaires on me.

While I don’t see a point in getting myself officially diagnosed with ADHD, I am able to understand more of how I am wired. I’ve been learning how to deal with some of the traits I have recognized in myself that can get in the way of my job and relationships with others.

I think as I’ve been working on it, I’m getting better at focusing on what is really important to me and not trying to take on every little project that catches my eye.

All this is to say, that a few years ago I procrastinated on renewing the domain for my blog. I used to blog about technology, travel, my family and what was going on in our lives. I lost the domain to someone else who registered it and kept my blog posts up putting their own advertisements throughout. Presumably they were trying to make some money off my blog traffic. I don’t think it worked very well for them as they eventually let the domain go. I don’t think I really had very many followers that read my blog, honestly.

I was recently feeling kind of nostalgic and checked the domain name. That’s when I realized that it was no longer registered, so I snatched it up. I’m looking forward to blogging again. I think I will try to keep it on the personal side on this site to write out things that I am thinking about and to let friends and family know what’s going on in my life.

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