Race (Ethnicity) in the US Presidential Race

I have been watching the commentary following the US Presidential Election with some interest. My wife is an American and the US is afterall Canada’s biggest trading partner. Being involved in the business world, I also realize that the US economy has quite an effect on economies around the globe.

The one thing that seems to be at the forefront of all the post-election media coverage is the fact that President Elect Obama happens to be of African American descent. I haven’t travelled throughout the US very much so I don’t really have a first-hand view. This coverage leads me to believe that racism must still be a really big issue in American society however, more so than in Canada where slavery never developed to the extent it did in the US.

It would be difficult to tell how much of a role ethnicity played in the vote itself, but it sure is getting a lot of press now. With the election finished, the other issues seem to have been put to bed.

Personally, I believe President Elect Obama ran a much better campaign than Senator McCain. I would hope the American people were able to get past the issue of race or ethnicity and vote on the issues at hand.

Regardless of the effect race or ethnicity had on the vote, I really believe that the candidate with the strongest campaign won in this case. No matter which candidate came out victorious in this election, the top man in the Whitehouse has quite an uphill battle over the next few years with issues such as the economy and the “War on Terror” to contend with.

It’s going to be an interesting four years.